Keep your phone, tablet, and laptop clean and smudge-free

With high-quality microfiber bottoms

Always within reach

Simply hold and wipe phone with firm pressure

Cleans fingerprints and smudges off any device screen

It's easy to keep your phone sanitized and smudge free! Simply hold your Skreenie in one hand and rub the microfiber bottom of your Skreenie on the surface of phone screen to remove smudges and fingerprints, and polish your screen.

To disinfect first: 

1) Remove any thick crud or food with a damp cloth

2) Use a damp antibacterial wipe or paper towel sprayed with a antibacterial cleaner (like windex) to disinfect phone/tablet.

3) Use your Skreenie's microfiber bottom to remove remaining smudges and polish your screen.

Use firm pressure for difficult fingerprints and smudges.

Order one for the whole family

Keep a Skreenie in your purse, backpack, or right on your desk! Give kids and teens a simple and fast way to clean their phone, iPad or tablet.  

Skreenies make a great gift or giveaway!